In the following I will introduce you to different people who life that #Vanlife

Evi and Fien

Today I want to show you this beautiful couple: Evi and Fien.
Eviatar is israeli and Wilfina is dutch, they are travelling for about 3 and a half year now and are now searching for a place to settle down in Portugal. They bought their van and started travelling from money they saved from 3 month of hard work and since then they live from selling macramé and handcrafts.
"We believe in coorperation - not owning", they say, "our mission is to show others how easy it can be to live this way".
Find more about them on their homepage
or on their Instagram

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Bee and Axe

Today I want to show you this artist couple: Bee and Axe

Bee grew up with the emerging freeparty and new age traveller scene in the uk. She always knew she would be a traveller or so-called gypsy. When she moved into her first van it was because of homelessness. But now she lives in vans for mostly political reasons. "I don't want to be to close to a system as this".
Axe is from Sweden. He is born to travel and explore every corner of the world, also he is an enthusiast of old timers.
When they first met in New Zealand they decided to bring together their first bus - an old tata school bus.
Their plans are to turn their bus electrical one day or to find any other way to make their way of life more sustainable without harming our beautiful blue planet. "We also have been dreaming up a convoy traveling community with a greenhouse or garden truck. Our ideas are still bubbling away on what the future holds."
To maintain their life on the road Bee and Axe do a lot of volunteering and food recycling, "But our main focus now is to get our jewellery business up and running smothly." They started making jewellery in New Zealand and have been improving and expanding their wood working skills since then. "All our jewellery is completely unique, they are sculpture rather than products."
They use multiple materials for their little pieces of art, but mostly wood, metals, stones and different kinds of thread. "We try to keep our work eco conscious and recycled as we are creating a sustainable business."
You can buy their work at or find them on Instagram or Facebook: Freeleaf
Their favorite quote at the moment is "Protest is like begging powers to be to dig a well. Direct action is digging the well and daring them to stop you" - David Graeber.

Gabriel and Izaro + Candela and Lume

Today I want to present you this wonderful family:
Gabriel and Izaro + Candela and Lume

Gabriel passed his childhood in Maracai, he is Caribbean Venezuelan. Izaro is from Burgos, Spain.
Their passion for backpacking and their handcrafting made them cross and join in a trip through Colombia. That's when their love started flowering, which still unites them today.
It's been a year and a half since they left their life in Galicia, "That's why I'm telling you that we are restless butts", Izaro tells me with a smile on her face. "We came to discover Portugal, this beautiful country that captures so much beauty, with its humble and simple people." 
Before they moved into the caravan the family lived in a little house in Alentejo, but about half a year ago they got the opportunity to move to "this little house with wheels" in which their ideal of being in continuous movement is more than feasible. "And beautiful", Izaro wobbs her small kid on her arm while the big one is playing on the floor. Gabriel prepares his tools for his handicrafts - he works mainly with metals such as alpaca and brass and Izaro creates jewellery with macramé weaving, combining everything with an endless number of semi-precious stones that they collect on their travels. This is how they make a living.
"Life plans? To enjoy this beautiful family that we are and to go on in movement... to travel and travel, with the magic of our artesanry on top."
You can find their artworks here:  Artesanía Nómada

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Venus and Jamie

Today I want to show you this beautiful couple: Venus and Jamie
Venus and Jamie are originally from the UK but haven’t lived there for many years. They met and fell in love in Ibiza, where they decided to travel the world together.
They have been living in their van for one year now and traveling around Spain and Portugal. They love to enjoy the beautiful beaches and just live a chilled out lifestyle.
Jamie runs a graphic design agency, the only thing he needs is a good wifi signal and sunshine for the solar panels. 
Venus is a life coach, therapist and holisitic healer. She gives sessions and courses online.
Also they sell hand made bags, coconut bowls, sacred cacao and epic vegan burgers on the hippie market.
"We are very much in the flow of life," they say, "trusting that life will give us the best experience for our evolution!". 
Their idea for this summer is to travel to Germany , Poland, Croatia and Bulgaria. "We are always open to new experiences and love meeting such a dynamic range of characters along the way!"
You can follow their adventures on Facebook& Instagram Notyouraveragegypsies

Misha and dogs

Today I want to present you:  Misha and his dogs

Mischa was born in Germany. He had his own woodworking company but abandoned it to live his own free lifestyle. When he turned 28 he decided to move into his first van. "My bus is my home", he says ,"Half of my life I spent living in a van, traveling from one place to another. I could never ever go back to a 'normal life' in one permanent place. I think I would get crazy."
Misha built his 'moving home' with great attention to detail and designed it artistically. "I made everything on it on my own", he smiles while sitting on an artificial grass carpet, playing with his two dogs. I asked him for his email-adress, homepage or facebook. "I don't even have a mobile phone" he laughts, "I don't want anyone to call me and I don't use the internet. I just live the moment with the people I have around."

Could you imagine to live a life without mobile phone and internet? Or would you rather die? ;)

Julia and Liyo

Today I want to present you: Julia and Liyo
Julia (28), her partner Guillaume and their baby Liyo are traveling now for about 3 years in they beautiful yellow van. Guillaume is french and Julia swedish, both have been traveling for multiple years. Julia always wanted to go to India, but didn't want to go by plane, "I have never been able to integrate this concept of polluting the environment". So one day a friend asked her: 'Why don't you just go by bike?' So she did, all way from Sweden to India, where she got to know her partner and father of her child, Guillaume.
Together we go around their large temporary 'living area', where her son immediately crawls under the front side of the bus and cuddles several small puppies. "Our dog Chandra got 11 of them! We are searchings for new homes now. At the moment they travel with us". Next to us grows a high wall of bamboo, which creates a sensation of shelter and protection, on the other side wild fennel sprouts high. "We both work as landscape gardeners and we make dreadlocks, too.", further Julia tells me she also fabricates jewellery pieces from macrame and besides is a tattoo artist. Find her macrame artwork on .
Now they are looking for establish a base where always come back to. "But of course we also want to keep on traveling when our adventurous limbs are itching.", the young mother narrates to me with a big smile on her face and her little boy in her arms.
I had a marvellous conversation with this wonderful being of light and I feel we really connected by heart, I am sure we will meet again one day :)
Instagram/Facebook: Noorevren Art